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Decluttering the Space

Decluttering the Space

Selling a home can be stressful, both emotionally and for the wallet. In the midst of the frenzy to make a quick sale, it’s easy to overlook the importance of decluttering. A potential buyer wants to see a move-in-ready space – a vision of themselves living in the home. To draw them into this fantasy, you must provide a clutter-free home with strategic and impactful staging.

Cleaning and purging your home is the first step to creating a space for potential buyers and understanding how to declutter is the key to success.

Decluttering the Space

Why Is Decluttering Necessary?

Clutter-free space says one thing: You care deeply about your home and it’s cleanliness. Decluttering exudes this sentiment and emphasizes your effort.

As previously mentioned, a buyer’s eye is immediately drawn to a clutter-free home. It also shows your home in its true light, which is necessary when you’re dealing with a valuable asset and trying to generate interest.

Clutter can also be detrimental when a buyer is deciding on a property. Too much stuff, even if it’s nice, can make a room seem small and cramped. A buyer might be more hesitant to make a purchase because of these small details.

Things To Consider

When you’re decluttering your home to prepare for a sale, it’s important to keep buyer’s emotions and interests in mind.

Your own emotions and memories can’t be overlooked either. You should consider if keeping some items have a bigger emotional impact than monetary value. If that’s the case for some items, incorporate them in the staging plans.

Begin With De-Personalization

Anything and everything that is personalized to you and your family should be removed and packed away. Photos of your family, children’s toys and sports or music memorabilia should be cleared out. All that personalization should be put into storage or in your new home.

Removing personal items is critical when trying to depersonalize the space. Don’t forget to pack away any family heirlooms which may have a personal connection.

Declutter Room By Room

Decluttering is not a one-size-fits-all task. Each room may have different needs.

Start by assessing what needs to be done to each room. Clear the floors and counters of any unnecessary items. Anything that is not necessary for the room should be removed and packed away with your personal items.


The kitchen is a center for food, drinks, and social gathering. Like any of other living spaces, the countertops should be free of appliances, unless necessary.

If possible, leave the counters as minimal as possible and make your kitchen appliances obvious and easily accessible. Be sure to store away all unnecessary pantry items and decorations.


Your bathroom should be a place of comfort, safety and privacy – all of which will make a buyer more inclined to purchase.

Clutter in the bathroom can be distressing and off-putting for potential buyers. Get rid of any items that don’t provide functionality.


Bedrooms provide security and comfort, which makes decluttering a crucial part of the process.

Focus on the bed first and foremost. Create a luxury space by emphasizing a statement bed. To up the price and comfortability of a bed, focus on sleeping aids such as high-end sheets, pillows and mattresses.

In terms of wardrobe storage, make it look like there’s plenty of storage. Potential buyers need to know their possessions will fit. Opt for a wardrobe system or bedroom environment to accomplish this idea.

Living Room

Living rooms should be kept simple but well-furnished. To bring in a modern look and feel to living rooms, choose a large sofa and an accent chair, plus a coffee table, bedside tables and feature pieces. For example, use a vintage piece to create a timeless classic look.

Decluttering Made Simple

Decluttering is an important part of selling a home. It’s also quite time consuming and can be stressful.

Keep the above steps in mind before starting to declutter. Understand what needs to be done, what items should stay and what should go. Additionally, use light, neutral tones that create a more open and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.

Once your decluttering is complete and your home is looking its best, you can sit back and wait for offers to pour in. Decluttering is a tedious process and may seem unnecessary, but it can make or break the decision of a buyer. You never know; it could be your home decluttering that tips them over the edge and successfully leads to a sale.

Good luck!

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